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Story from our community "Healthy Gardeners"

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Enrique Murillo is from México City. He comes from an agricultural family that loves to work on the field. He has been working on the field almost all his life until 1982, when he came to the United States with his parents and brother to find new opportunities. Now, he is married with three children living in the city of San Jose.

When he went to the library for a night out in the community, he saw a sign about organic vegetables, Valley Verde. He was curious about the vegetables lying on the table which caught his attention. At the end, he finished enrolling on the program. He started attending the classes once a month, and he learned additional knowledge about gardening from what he already knew. Ever since he started the program, he has saved a lot of money, and his family has been consuming tomatoes, lettuce, chilies, eggplant, broccoli, and many others organic vegetables.

He encourages others to join the program because they can get many tools for no cost that could help save money and eat healthy. They can get free material like seeds, fertilizer, gardening beds, and they also help to set up everything. They do not ask anything in return except to attend the classes.

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