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Valley Verde Super Jardineros Ethnic Seedlings to Table

April 2016                                                                                           

Super Jardineros Growing Hundreds of Bok Choy and Squash Seedlings.

Preparing for the first sale at Master Gardner's Spring Market Sale San Jose 4/23/16

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Valley Verde has kicked off a brand new project to make a bigger impact in our community!

We want to offer greater opportunities for economic advancement to our families that have low paying jobs. Through Super Jardineros, our families will have the opportunity to own a home greenhouse micro business and supply the South Bay population with organic and culturally relevant seedlings.

What is Super Jardineros?

Super Jardineros translates to Super Gardeners. This is a new project to create a network of home nurseries run by low income households to grow ethnic organic vegetable seedlings for their own gardens and for the rest of Santa Clara County

How you can be involved

If you live in Santa Clara County, you can order your unique seedlings here and all the profits will go back to our SuperJardineros. 

Currently we have enrolled 4 gardeners who are growing Okra Red Velvet and Epazote variety. 

To know more about the project: 

Benefits to low income families:

  • Provides income

  • Teaches entrepreneurial skills

  • Promotes seed and food independence

  • Increases food access

Benefits to Santa Clara County residents:

  • Fills an unmet need from residents who want to buy ethnic vegetable seedlings

  • Increases food diversity

The Super Jardineros project is the only one of its kind that challenges inequities in wealth and food distribution through the empowerment of poor and working-class families by combining agriculture, education, distribution networks, business incubation, and cultural food connection.